Huiying Toys HY-851 Quadcopter Review

Quick facts:

Battery: Built-in 145 mAh (3.7 volt)
Flight time: ~6 mins
Charge time: ~30 mins

Transmitter rates: 3 (fixed yaw rate)
Transmitter compatibility: Other Huiying Toys multirotors
Headless mode: No

Competitors: Cheerson CX-10

Video review:


Hello and welcome to this review and flight test of HuiYing 851, a nano quadcopter which has become a real favorite of mine.

In front of me I have everything I got inside the box, which looks like this. As you can see here on the side, it seems to come in four colors: Green, red, black and blue. I got the green one, which you will see in just a bit. Notice here in the bottom that it says 851? On the other side of the box it shows you another nano, the 850. So I suppose they use the same box for both models. The box is nice and all, but you can’t really re-use it for carrying your nano around, which is a shame. I’m a big fan of those types of boxes.

Let’s move on to the nano itself. As you can see it is very bland and generic looking, sporting the typical CX-10 look although it’s actually a tiny bit bigger. It would have been fun with a more unique design. Also, this coloring and logo really reminds me of the green lantern!

In the back, you have the charging port and on/off switch. The quad lights up when it’s turned on, blue in the front and red in the back. It does have a LVC warning, which means that it’ll start blinking when the battery is running low after about 6 minutes of flight. Pretty good!

Now, if I have one major complaint – apart from the design – it’s the assembly. Mine came with this big gap in the canopy. It isn’t really noticeable and doesn’t affect the flight performance, but it’s a little bit sad to see on an otherwise excellent product.

On the other hand, something I really love about the HuiYing 851 is the transmitter. It doesn’t really look like much and I’ve heard mixed opinions, but for someone like me who’ve played a lot of video games and am used to these thumb-sticks I find that it’s comfortable and very precise!

The only flaw with it if you ask me is the placement of the buttons. As you can see they’ve put the trims on top and the rates and flip below the right thumb stick. I think it would have made much more sense to have it the other way around. Now, every time you want to do a flip you have to watch out so you don’t accidentally press the rates button instead, and vice versa.

The transmitter takes 4 AAA batteries and the hatch screws on and off with the screwdriver you get in the box.

The screwdriver is also used to mount the prop-guards which comes installed on the quadcopter. As you can see, on mine they match the color of the canopy. As you can see, these just barely covers the prop against the ceiling. Overall they feel pretty flimsy, I removed them straight away and have never looked back.

Included in the box is also one of these standard USB chargers. It’s apparently exactly the same as CX-10 charger, because the one that came with mine was defective so I’ve been using the CX-10 one instead. Charging takes about 30 minutes. You’ll also get one set of replacement propellers. Here’s the manual.

For the life of me I can’t find it in here, but this quad actually has a headless mode which I found out from another Youtube video. What you do is move the sticks down and away from each other, then the lights’ll start blinking and you’re good to go! To calibrate you do almost the same maneuver, down and together.

Now let’ move on to the flight test!

Here’s the HuiYing 851 in flight, outside! Normally I fly this indoors, which is probably more of its natural habitat but today the weather was lovely so I thought “Why not?” The flight characteristics is really where this nano shines. Powerful without feeling overly twitchy, stable without being sluggish. It’s just really responsive. I love flying this thing!

It has three rates, I’m flying here with the medium rate. The low rate is slow, but not painfully so and still useful indoors or for novice flyers. The high rate is very fast but also very fun. Sadly the yaw doesn’t change with the rates, or if it does – it does so only marginally. Still, it’s okay for most situations.

It flips well and in all directions, but the flips themselves are really nothing special. One advantage of having a dedicated button for flips instead of pressing one of the sticks though, is that you can easily perform multiple flips in a row. That’s pretty fun.

Now, it doesn’t happen in this video, but trust me: I’ve accidentally crashed this nano its fair share of times and it still works perfectly. I haven’t even had to replace any of the props! Maybe I’ve just been lucky, but to me the durability of this quadcopter feels surprisingly good.

In summation HuiYing 851 is a great nano quadcopter. What it lacks in generic lackluster design it more than makes up for in flight. I can recommend it to both beginners and more experienced fliers. People who already own a nano quad may want to think twice though: While the 851 outperforms in most regards it doesn’t really excel in any. Is it worth the money?

6 thoughts to “Huiying Toys HY-851 Quadcopter Review”

  1. HELP!
    I also love the HY-851’s performance. Unfortunately I can’t find extra props for it anywhere or online. The ONLY source seems to be an Alibaba based site the requires you to “join” but also requires a “company name”, seemingly catering only to high volume dealers and distributors. No provisions for typical inquiries or single item buyers like the usual store customer (myself and probably many other frustrated buyers of this product.

    I find this extremely frustrating. I have spent hours trying to find online replacement props for this quad copter with NO luck.

    Any ideas? The props are NOT the same as the Cheerson CX-10, its closest competitor. The Cheerson props are slightly smaller.

    1. Dilemma!

      I hadn’t realized how unique the props of the HY-851 were. I’ve now compared them to all other nanos and micros I have access to but sadly, no match. The 851’s seem bigger and “taller” than most other nano propellers.

      It’s admittedly a long shot, but I contacted the retailer on AliExpress I bought mine from inquiring about spares. If anything turns up (or I come across another multirotor with identical or very similar props), I’ll leave another comment here!

      Good luck in your continued hunt!

    1. Sorry, I’ve had no success 🙁

      The retailers I’ve been in contact with have either been unable to source them or tried to sell CX-10 props as replacements (and as concluded above, they are not identical). At this point, I believe our best (maybe only) chance is to somehow contact the Huiying Toys directly…

      In the meantime: If anyone has been able to buy replacement propellers for the HY-851, please help! 🙂

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